Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brew Rig Diagrams

I've finally sat down and created my brew rig diagrams for my eHERMS build.  Currently trying to get feed back to make sure I have everything setup correctly.  I don't have many specifics yet, but I do know that I will be using 2 5500W elements for the HLT and BK, PID's for monitoring temperatures, 2 March 09 pumps, and Blichmann Therminator for my plate chiller.

Below are my diagrams that I made with my awesome MS Paint skills that show the stages of my brew day.  One big thing that sticks out at me is if I really need all those ball valves and if I have them in the right spot.  Also I don't know if I have my chiller setup correctly. Not sure if just opening the R-value on the output BK will work.

Step 1: Filling With Water
Step 2: Mash In

Step 3: Mash Out
 Step 4: Continuous Sparge
 Step 5: Cooling

Step 6: Once Temperature is Reached Add to Fementor