Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brew Rig Diagrams

I've finally sat down and created my brew rig diagrams for my eHERMS build.  Currently trying to get feed back to make sure I have everything setup correctly.  I don't have many specifics yet, but I do know that I will be using 2 5500W elements for the HLT and BK, PID's for monitoring temperatures, 2 March 09 pumps, and Blichmann Therminator for my plate chiller.

Below are my diagrams that I made with my awesome MS Paint skills that show the stages of my brew day.  One big thing that sticks out at me is if I really need all those ball valves and if I have them in the right spot.  Also I don't know if I have my chiller setup correctly. Not sure if just opening the R-value on the output BK will work.

Step 1: Filling With Water
Step 2: Mash In

Step 3: Mash Out
 Step 4: Continuous Sparge
 Step 5: Cooling

Step 6: Once Temperature is Reached Add to Fementor

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Finally after much scouring on craigslist, I finally found 3 kegs being sold locally.  Picked up each one for $30, and their in pretty good condition.  Now on to do a ton of research on what type of brewing sculpture I'm going to create.

First Post

First post....hmm what to say.....  Well I guess I'll start off on why I created this blog.  As my close friends know, I have a lot of hobbies and I get bored real quick. I tend to find a hobby that takes all of my attention until I see something else shiny. Despite these facts, one of my hobbies that I love and have never put down is brewing beer.

I started this blog to keep track of my home brewery endeavor and whether hundreds of people read this or if no one read this, it doesn't really matter to me.  The whole purpose of this blog is to help me keep track of my thoughts and notes of my home brewing projects and to help out any other fellow home brewers.

Last thought, you might be wondering why I choose the URL name "dexteritybrewing".  Well the definition of dexterity is "skill or adroitness in using the hands or body", and that's exactly what home brewers are.  Home brewers have to be skillful with their hands to make good beer, so I thought it was the perfect URL name for my blogspot.